1998 – 1999


This past season was a tough one for us. We had a number of games that were just way out of our reach. Teams that pressed us were usually successful. We were able to get some things started though and I think that means some really good things happening in the next few years.


Our district rival. Appanoose has had some bad luck in recent years and they met us in our first game. We came ready to play and were able to press them well. We were able to come away with a 37 – 13 victory. Patrick Barrigan led the team with 11 points and 14 rebounds. Jared Beasley added five steals to help us win at home.


We went into the game confident, but Lebo taught us about humility. We went home the victim of a 56 – 13 shellacking. Ouch!!!

Marais De Cygnes Valley

A traditional rival, MdCV beat us quite soundly the previous season. But we did a lot of work on the little things over the previous week and we were ready to play ball. Barrigan tossed in 12 points and Dallas Dillon added 6 to push us to a hard fought 33 – 32 win.


Our other district rival, we split the football series 1 – 1 with them so we were pretty confident going in to their gym. Their press soon had us wondering which way us up and we fled with a disappointing 55 – 21 loss. We really learned a few things in this game though, especially about effort and hustle. Barrigan led the team with 12 points and 10 rebounds.


With our leading scorer and rebounder out, we were ready for some new players to step up. Dillon came through with 8 points, but a bad 9 – 2 Scranton run in the 4th quarter led to a 33 – 28 defeat. Dustin Malone had five steals, and Jud Thompson added four more.


We tried to take their big man out of the game with a double team, but he was still able to dominate over us. Despite some solid rebounding, their speed and height proved to be more than our match on this night. Final score: 50 – 22.


Last year Lyndon’s press ran all over us. It happened again this year. We had the press break working, but we just didn’t have enough zip on our passes. It was ugly, but we played hard all the way through. 49 – 16


We played hard in this game, and we led as late as the third quarter, but in the fourth we seemed to get a bit slow and gave up a big run. Barrigan had 12 points and Kris Demeter had four steals. We almost had it, but fell 32 – 20.


Solid passing kept us out of trouble with the press, but a thirty point outburst by their point led to a 61 – 30 thumping. Barrigan scored 10 points and Kris Demeter chipped in 4 in a fine effort. We never put our head down and played hard all night.


Despite our fine showing against them in the beginning of the season, the bottom line for this one is they came to play and we came already congratulating ourselves on the win. The result was a 27 – 14 shocker on our home court. Our eyes were opened on this one.

League Tourney


For the second year in a row, we met up with Scranton in the tourney’s first round. They beat us earlier in the year, and the Appanoose game put a bit of a downer on things. But we stepped up come game time. Beasley tossed in 8 points, six of them as a fourth quarter post player and cemented a hard fought 33 – 31 win. Demeter had his best game on defense, adding to a Zack Crooks, Barrigan, Beasley, and Jud Thompson defensive monster in the 2nd half. This was our finest game of the year. We were down 14 – 7 at the half, but defense pulled us back in.


All good things…Once again, their press did us in, though this time we were able to pick up some steals of our own. It was a wild game that had both teams committing too many turnovers, unfortunately, in the end, they were able to force many more. Rory Richmond led the team with 6 points in a 49 – 27 loss. We weren’t able to do much against their speed, but we were able to do much more offensively.

The season did not have the successes we thought it would. I think we learned much from the season, and we are sending some potentially top notch players up to the high school. Graduating from the program this year:

Patrick Barrigan             Kenny Bowman                     Luke Ayers

Ryan MacFarland         Derrick Miller                         Garrett Yanez

Jayson Wiscombe         Corey Robinson                     Jud Thompson

Dallas Dillon                Rory Richmond                        Dustin Malone

These are good people right here, and the Wildcats wish them well as they graduate and become members of the high school "Pomona Indians"

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