Each year will focus in on some areas that will help us to become a better team.
This year, some parts of the game we will work on include:

        We are going to be shorter than every team in the league for the third year in a row.  To overcome this, we are going to be putting extra effort in the little things.  Blocking out will the the second most stressed fundamental this season.  If we hit the boards hard, height will not be the danger factor it might be.

        Our press last year was much improved..  We return most of our team speed, so again we will look to press, then
press, then press some more.  Enough pressure will also take pressure off our "out-heighted" post players.

        Crashing the boards, stepping up to take the charge, and hitting the floor after a loose ball will all be important
keys to our team.

       This will be our most stressed fundamental.  The triple threat position will establish each player as a danger.  If we
drive, the ball will be ready to go.  The shot will be ready, and the pass will be set up by a ball fake and a snap pass
to the man.

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